Savile Row

Since the early 1930s Algha Works has produced quality eyewear. Genuine in its originality, Saville Row products are faithfully created the way they have always been; a heritage as authentic as the machines they're run on.

Today, handcrafted, made-to-order frames are still Saville Row's claim to fame. Precious metals, such as gold, platinum, rhodium and ruthenium, as well as vintage acetates from a bygone era are molded to create an exceptional frame for the one-of-a-kind customer Saville Row represents.

Retro shapes are the foundation of the Savile Row collection, from the classic ‘round-eye’, brought to fame by John Lennon, to the timeless ‘panto’, the preferred eyewear of choice of Eric Clapton. The list of stars makes almost unbelievable reading and is a true statement to the brand, its values and its timeless appeal.

Many things haven't changed: our meticulous attention to detail remains paramount, the classic styles that transcend the decades prevail, and the original machinery survives.

This is Savile Row. The genuine article. A rare find indeed.